Join me for 5 weeks of glorious art making!  These weeks will be filled with my latest take on portrait painting using acrylic paints as the base for soft, luscious skin tones and then adding pencil and other mediums to add depth and detail. We will also be dipping into herbal tea making and other concoctions as well as a few crafty projects with clay and other fun materials.








Art journal for painting, drawing/sketch pad, graphite drawing pencils, charcoal, pencil sharpener, eraser, good quality colored pencils, water-soluble pencils and/or crayons, acrylic artist paints in various colors (Golden, Liquitex, Deco Art or other), various paint brushes, white gesso, clear gesso, Stabillo Marks All pencil in black and white, painting substrates (art boards, panels, canvas, etc)

(you may want to see the videos taught in class before deciding to purchase the following items):

Paper clay, clay tools, stylus, clay rolling pen, rubber stamps, glass bottle, wooden skewer, wire, herbs, essential oils, apothecary jars, Lumiere metallic paints, pearl mica flakes, gold mica flakes, artist tape, super heavy gesso, clear varnish.

*A more detailed list will be available prior to class starting


  • Course starts on Monday, October 10th.  After paying, you will receive an email with access information and password approximately 5-7 days before class begins.
  • All course content and videos will be on a private, password protected website.
  • By purchasing website, you are agreeing to not share website, password or content.
  • Please do share what you create in the e-course on your own websites.
  • All lessons for the week will be posted on Monday of each week with craft/herbal recipes posted on Friday.
  • You have the option to follow along or go at your pace.  So, there should be no stress if you get behind.  You have as long as you need to watch videos and learn content and then return later for a refresher.

How is this e-course different than your other portrait e-course? This e-course is similar in layout, but different based on my style, which has changed over the last couple of years.  There are also different mediums that we will explore on their own, and along side with acrylic paints.

Do I need any special technical know-how to watch the videos? Not really.  All videos are shared using Vimeo, which is compatible with all computer types.  You will, however, need to make sure that your flash player and browser is updated to their latest versions. High speed internet does help keep video playing smoothly.

Are there refunds? Sorry, there are no refunds due to password information.

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