Creative Kismet Art came about because of my desire to share my art, ideas and a little bit of sunshine to as many people as possible.

I believe, that through art and creative process, your outlook can change and become more positive…more open. You start at first looking for beauty and inspiration then eventually, you began to see it everywhere without even trying.

tucson CollageOn a walk, going to the store, dropping off the kids at school–it is everywhere I look. It is in the Southwestern mountains, the desert, in nature, in the streets, and in the people too.

When I sit quietly, I can recall these beautiful fragments caught like photos in my mind. My style is the unraveling of a woven mixture of my Hispanic heritage, my deep rooted love for folk art and my enchantment with magical whimsicality.

studio Collage

I begin putting ideas down on paper, making doodles and sketches, finally pulling out my paint, papers and any other medium that calls to me. With my paintbrush and the boldest colors, I pull ideas together in the best way that makes my heart sing. Always bright, always colorful, always pure of heart.


Regina Lord was born and raised in northern Arizona and has live in Arizona for most of her life. She was very interested in art at a young age and was encouraged to be creative by her loving grandparents. Regina studied art throughout her school years along with studying to become a registered nurse. She received her Bachelors in the Science of Nursing from Northern Arizona University in 1999 and worked as a pediatric, mother baby nurse and lactation consultant for 13 years. She recently left her nursing career, in August of 2012, to pursue her creative dreams of being a full time artist and now spends a good portion of her time making art and playing with paints and other interesting mediums.
Regina currently lives in southern AZ with the love of her life and her two beautiful boys. She is strongly influenced by the warm weather, bright sun and the Mexican colors, style and architecture that are predominant in the city where she lives. She is very passionate about doing what she loves and incorporates art into her daily living whether through painting, drawing, photography, art journaling or blogging about her creative passions.


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