Dear Friends of Creative Kismet,

Thank you so much for helping me get the word out on this e-course. Any little help I can get means the world to me and is definitely worth a commission for you. I have set up this affiliate program so we can help each other out.

When you sign up for an affiliate account and put the Art of Giving badge on your site, you will receive 25% of every sale that is made through your affiliate link.  Payments are paid out the first week of every month.

Art of giving E-course is a 4 week online class with jam packed with lots of goodies to help you live a more gracious life.  It includes:

  • Daily posts for 4 weeks, full of inspiration, stories and writing prompts.
  • 100 days of gratitude printable journal
  • Printable sheets and art to use in your journal and projects.
  • Instructions for 4 fun projects: Blessings Banner, Gratitude beads, Altered book and Gratitude Art Journal.
  • AND 27 step-by-step instructional videos!! Yay!

How does the affiliate program work? It’s easy! You sign up, get a code, make a link, take a button  and share, share, share!

  • Put an Art of Giving badge in a post or on your sidebar (badges below).
  • Link that badge with your special affiliate code (read more about this below).
  • Every time someone clicks on that badge and then purchases the e-course, you will earn 25% of that sale.
  • This program makes a record of all purchase that you can check at any time.
  • Any sales made, will earn you a commission payment that you receive via paypal.

How to sign up for the affiliate program

step 1: Click on THIS LINK.
step 2: Log into your existing e-junkie account or set up a new one
step 3: After you log in, go to “manage your affiliate account” and then click on “get affiliate code”
step 4: Make sure “Creativekismet” is selected in the drop down menu. Click the orange button that says “get affiliate code”
stept 5: Copy PART (very important to note) of the link into one of the badge codes below. More information on EXACTLY what part to copy and how to do this below.

How to link your unique affiliate code with one of the badges below:

Below are a few badges to choose from. Simply choose the badge you’d like to place on your blog or website, then copy the code and paste it into your site.

VERY IMPORTANT: After you’ve cut + pasted the badge code into your site, be sure to replace the {———} section below with JUST PART of your unique affiliate link from e-junkie (not your entire affiliate code). Which part, you ask? It’s the part that will look like this:

Again, simply replace the {———} section below with the part of your affiliate link that looks like the above bolded code.

It is so much easier than it look, I promise! Now you’re all set to make some extra monthly cash.

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